Meet MAX

Who is "MAX"?

max logo

In simple terms: "MAX" is the name of our industry recognizable 3-headed mascot!

However, there's more to him then meets the eye.

A little history:

The original company was founded in 1974 by Hilliard Crews and was originally known as the Memphis Glove newbb电子. The timing was ideal thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. Companies were looking for ways to protect employees and make operations safer.

Hilliard Crews had two brothers, who joined the newbb电子 market, and by 1981, a new company called Crews Safety Glasses was founded.

In 1984, River City Garments was established to provide protective clothing, and each brother ran a separate newbb电子 company in the United States.

With all three companies eventually ranked in the top five in their respected categories in the United States it was time to consolidate into one brand:
newbb电子平台 Safety was born!

So, what does this have to do with MAX?

I'm glad you asked!

You see, the original three companies that consolidated to form the newbb电子平台 Safety brand you recognize today, the three headed animal represents these three companies.

Three companies now share one heart and soul thus creating the iconic brand.

Where did the name "MAX" come from?

MAX is how we're different:

  • Manufacturer - Our expertise as a supplier has been fine-tuned by our vertical integration. Our knowledge as a manufacturer helps us evaluate other sources of supply to assure reliability, quality, and competitiveness.
  • Advocate for Safety - Our leadership team is actively engaged with the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), the International Glove Association (IGA), the National Safety Council (NSC), and the Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA).
  • Xperts in the Field - We market in a multitude of unique methods to serve our distributors. Such as:
    • Focus Groups
    • End User Events
    • Supporting a Safer Work Place


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